DockingMap real-time guidance at mooring

Improves the port's ability
to safely guide boaters to their mooring.

Why implement a
mooring guidance project?

  • Boaters are not adequately prepared for safe docking at the berth

  • Charter users (non-professionals) are unfamiliar with the features of the port they are entering

  • Boaters enter the port without notifying the Harbour Master in advance.



An innovative solution that enhances port services and user experience.

DockingMap Service

The first dedicated WEB service to expedite the delivery of detailed information to boaters to help them dock safely in any condition.

Improves the quality of port services and streamlines staff workload during the season.


Stand-alone WEB system; no integration costs with port computer systems

Scalable service; customization for the number of moorings for customers in transit

Easy to use: select the boat slip and copy-paste the link in the email to the client

Reduces the workload of on-water staff assisting boaters to the dock.

Provides customers with information to prepare for mooring in any weather conditions.

A real service to reduce risks during mooring

From the Harbour Master's perspective

What are the benefits?

In addition to INCREASING SAFETY in the port:

  • 1. A powerful next-generation marketing tool to promote port services.

  • 2. Full compatibility on any mobile device, tablet, PC, and across all operating systems.

  • 3. Reduction of staff workload, especially during nighttime operations or adverse weather conditions.

  • 4. Greater port sustainability with reduced environmental impact through the use of digital services.

  • 5. The opportunity to access funding related to the digitization of services offered to customers.

  • 6. Upon request, the creation of a personalized interactive map with all delocalized services - for example restaurants, bars, services and commercial activities, with descriptive texts, photos, videos, indoor and outdoor 3D shots - so as to create the Virtual Tour of the port, from insert on the site and on the APPs.

From the boater's perspective

Information in 2 clicks!

An email, one link, and a map with all the necessary information for mooring:

is a service offered by
GeoJunxion B.V.

leader in routing and geolocation services since 1984




Frequently Asked Questions

DockingMap needs an app to function?

NO, DockingMap is a WEB-Based service that works with any browser and on any operating system.

How much does the DockingMap service cost?

The service is offered with two set-up price ranges: up to 300 and over 301 berths; this allows you to create an interactive Digital Map of the entire port area, to be inserted into the Marina's WEB site and includes a series of interactive icons for the main services (toilets, port offices, restaurant, etc.). Added to this is a cost for each berth to which the DockingMap Service will be combined - which can also be connected to only a part of the available moorings and, finally, a cost for the renewal - not tacit - for the following 12 months.

Does the boater have to pay to use the service?

NO, DockingMap does not track the number of links generated during the service usage period or their recipients. Any costs to be passed on to the customer are entirely at the discretion and management of the Harbor Master.

Does DockingMap impact Privacy Management and GDPR?

NO, DockingMap does not record any data related to end customers and therefore has no obligations regarding privacy management or GDPR.

What are the minimum technical requirements to make DockingMap work?

DockingMap is a WEB-Based service that works with any browser and on any operating system, and it does not require specific device memory or software updates. Functionality is guaranteed just like any other online system, such as accessing Facebook or Gmail.

How and how quickly is DockingMap activated?

To activate DockingMap, the Harbor Master must send the port map - digitally, e.g. PDF or DWG or in paper format - and fill in an Excel file with the data of the berths on which you intend to activate DockingMap; for each berth it is necessary to receive information relating to the width and depth (at low tide) of each berth, the width dimensions of the channel to reach the berth and the distance from the center of the berth - position of the dead body, if present - from the canal entrance between the piers (see diagram). Average times are 6 weeks from when the requested information is received.

What is the technical compatibility of DockingMap?

DockingMap is a WEB-Based service that works with any browser and on any commonly used operating system for accessing social channels or Gmail.

How do you create the link to send to the boater?

The system allows the Harbor Master to choose the boat berth from those associated with the service, open with a click the window dedicated to the specific mooring, and copy-paste the link automatically generated by the system into the confirmation email to be sent to the customer.

Can I increase the number of boat berths managed by DockingMap?

Certainly. By sending information about the new boat berths as already done during the start-up phase, an upgrade will be made without interrupting the online service.

Can I add functions and new content to the harbor map?

Certainly. The minimum version includes a series of interactive icons for the port's basic services; upon request, a personalized layout can be created with any other service present in the port, with related in-depth window, photos, videos, 3D and links to other WEB pages or other external sites.
Click here to check the Last Mile Map page on GeoJunxion website.